loft green apartmens residential complex

area: 850 m²project year: 2017completion year: 2019photographers: volker kreidler, oleg bajura, ivan bezvuscheak, etalpmetengineering: anatol butnaru, valerii bulanov, evghenia galcovscaia, tudor arhip, andrei borsartists: vasile sitari, elena frunze, nadya izosimova, ana costov, vasiluța vasilache, alyona ciobanu, veronica belous, artiom vizitiu, maria huțanu, mihai stamati, andreea cioară

The LOFT GREEN APARTMENTS is a complex of mixed-use and residential buildings located in Mogosoaia, north-west from Bucharest and was designed in 2019 by the architect Maxim Calujac for the romanian development company “Ecovillas”. The complex portrays 3 buildings. The first one is completed, the second and the third are still in process. The buildings are positioned to uncover various views of the scenic surroundings.The first block, a six-storey building, seen from and aligned to the Bucuresti-Targoviste highway, occupies an area of 720 sq.m. and is the only mixed-use building from the complex that has the first floor dedicated entirely to office spaces.

The spatial solution of the building was determined by the configuration of the plot position and the presence of the Cazimir-Keshco monument. The center consists of 2 units: a new building - 400 m² and a part of the existing Art Academy building - 450 m².The new building is able to accept expositions, performances and workshops. The roof represents a green terrace with access through the open-air auditorium stairs. The renovated part of the Art Academy’s building includes spaces for workshops, media library and meeting rooms. In the refitted basement are placed the sound recording space and the rehearsal rooms.The main goal was to create a center for the creative community without changing the existing historical background, and also to transform the courtyard into an active urban spot, where visitors could come and explore all the possibilities ARTCOR has to offer.