children's space

area: 120 m²project year: 2012completion year: 2013photographer: oleg budeanu

The concept represents a playing space for children, where they can explore learning processes by interaction and communication. The purpose was to create a space in which children’s are left to themselves, and the indoors role was to offer a secure area for play space. Open play area is holding functions such as communication, learning through play and exploration of creative thinking through interaction. The space is naturally ventilated and sunlight filled, due to its high altitude. By architect’s opinion, the skylight positioned in the center of ceiling, filled with painted stained glass, gives to the space the accent of axis mundi. Wooden walls represent a safe and ideal material for children, as well as a friendly environment. Made up of wooden boards the structure of walls represents a function of niches were to hide the toys and other playing or learning tools. Used indoor color gives to its space a gentle hue expressing stylized oriental tone. The space shouldn’t be a toy, and at the same time the kids shouldn’t be or feel under pressure. The space is a safe and comfortable haven for interaction and playing, as well as individualized space where children can establish their own play niches within it.