loft green aprtments office

area: 120 sq. m. project year: 2019completion year: 2019engineering: est-service m. srl, roman lecariphotographer: oleg bajura

Situated in Mogosoaia north-west from Bucharest, Loft Green Apartments Office was designed for the romanian development company Eco Villas. The task was to place the office in the first line of the completed building, showing the company’s intentions to create the ergonomic and passive buildings. That's why the architect of the residential complex Loft Green Apartments, designed the office by the principles of coneccting business meetings with the working spaces for administration of the company and its employees. The curved wood wall, seen from entrance hall, represents an central accent of the office, completed with rhomboid pattern. Perforated metal panels are crossing the whole office space creating a visual link between the administrative office, passes through the meeting room and enters into employees office. The glass walls are used to divide the functional parts of the office, also they maximize the sunlight access into all working spaces. Lighting was made as a part of metallic texture, which is present in interior design of the author and decorative elements. Furniture - designed by the architect, shows his approach into achieving maximal working atmosphere inside the office. The office clearly gives to its employees and clients the authentic presence of open materials such as brick, metal, concrete and wood.