grenoble apartment

area: 85 m²project year: 2007completion year: 2009

The apartment comprises 2 bedrooms, one living room, kitchen and common bathroom. Changing the whole plan scheme, the author conceived functional and very comfortable space. Thanks to obtained podium from Siberian larch, the living room represents a space of communication, interaction and relaxation. Due to the niches formed underneath to the podium, the books or art decorative elements can be kept inside of them. Detailed applied sketch of podium, fixed in the windows frame level, is offering a great space for dining, lying, relaxing and watching the panoramic views over the Moldavian hills. This invokes an oriental atmosphere. All the furniture, lighting and paintings were executed manually by the architect. Kitchen is “connected” with the living and if it needs, the connection can be interrupted by a sliding glass door which hides whole kitchen utensil. The aim of paintings was to imply them into the apartment interior as players, not autonomous object. In whole interior, you can meet “brutal” elements, such as steel panels fixed on the furniture, concrete columns, rough stones, but is important to mention that “honest” material gives a trustful feeling, and takes away the negative perception upon them. In conclusion the principle of functionality was applied not only to the plan scheme but also to the materials.