kogalniceanu house

area: 100 m²project year: 2009completion year: 2009photographer: oleg bajura

The aim was to build a house in rigidly limited space, surrounded by walls of adjoining constructions in central part of the city. "Goal" of the author has been also constrained by the modest budget. Strict frame of primary conditions were imposed in all aspects, compensated by owners policy of "non-interference".The whole building is based on smart solutions for heating and lighting systems, including extension of comfortable zones for residents. Inner walls were laid in brick by rural masters, exposing the open texture of it. The rough board floor echoes the ceiling. Rough texture and stylish columns support the glass, and, at the same time they look like brutal sculptures. Exterior of the house represents unconverted concrete "skeleton". Open material gains from the combination of plentiful green surroundings and huge stained-glass windows designed and built by author's technology. Console ladder is organically implanted in interior, and its high aesthetic aspect was putted-up by the architect as a sculptural element of the house. All the furniture, lighting and paintings were executed manually by the architect. On the second floor are located two bedrooms, in one of them it’s possible to watch the stellar sky due to a light lantern.As a result, from ashes and decay, instead of an old hovel, a residence was built in concordance with strict lines in absence of superfluous details.