loft green apartmens residential complex

total gross floor area: 12 000 sq. m. project year: 2018completion year: 2021lead architects: maxim calujacengineering: est-service m. srl, roman lecari, andrei guruleaphotographer: oleg bajura, vlad patru

The LOFT GREEN APARTMENTS is a complex of mixed-use and residential buildings located in Mogosoaia, north-west from Bucharest and was designed in 2019 by the architect Maxim Calujac for the romanian development company “Ecovillas”. 
The complex portrays 3 buildings. The buildings are positioned to uncover various views of the scenic surroundings.The first block, a six-storey building, seen from and aligned to the Bucuresti-Targoviste highway, occupies an area of 720 sq.m. and is the only mixed-use building from the complex that has the first floor dedicated entirely to office spaces.