area: 3000 sq.m.project year: 2019
To improve Moldovan Cinematographic industry, the Moldova Competitiveness Project made a request to the architect, in order to give them a solution for reinventing the part of an old building and design a new film production area in proximity to the given area. The aim of the project represents the creation of two separate filming areas: one for the post production and other one for media facilities, such as, TV, sound record, animation, and other types of media production. The design project comprise a 4 floor building given by the university to be remodeled in order to acquire all sets for media products, and the new production area for filmmaking. The new pavilion contains the filming set area, chroma key room, make up room and other necessary zones for the production film making process. The old building is connected with the filming pavilion through the lift which makes the connection with each floor.