pavilion arc

project year: 2018
Designed for youth activities, the pavilion is located in the center of Chisinau, in front of the National Museum of History at 31st August 1989 street, and aims to satisfy the city's inhabitants needs by creating a place for meeting and recreation.The background wall of the “Arc” - a concrete wall, represent the role of a screen, which will be used for projections, videos or digital presentations. Underneath the “Creative Ark” is passing a bench, which repeats the rivers flow, and is located right in front of the concrete wall allowing to watch the presentations nor the informations from the screen. From the back of the concrete wall, visitors can access upstairs, entering in the upper structure of the pavilion, accessing the amphitheater for listening small scale concerts, participate at workshops, trainings or using it as cultural entertainment.“The arc” symbolizes the concentration of cultural formation and nonformal education for all social categories, making the process of cultural enlightenment possible, and spreading of it on the locals. The structure is a metallic carcass covered with wood, inside of which are 6 installed projectors, that allows the access to the library catalog and other information through an application. This app can be used also for uploading artistic works or presentations for public view