villa acer 

area: 135project year: 2020photographers: etalpmetlead architects: maxim calujacproject team: irina dubinschi, iulia moscalet, roman lecari, andrei gurulea

The "Acer" house is located on a picturesque hill in Hancesti and is a custom design for a middle-aged family. The house serves as the axis around which the family's daily life revolves. The core of the building is made up of a wooden framework supported by a slab foundation. This design solution was chosen to simplify construction time and provide a sustainable solution.

The house is divided into two main areas: the bedrooms, connected by a corridor for privacy, and the active area of the house which includes the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Looking outside through the glass curtain wall, the viewer experiences a dialogue between the geometry of the house and the surrounding landscape. The concrete beam framing the view becomes more like a painting, highlighting the green and tranquil scenery. From the road, the beam hides the house from unwanted views while also balancing the rectangular lines of the house with its curve. The facades are covered with ayous thermowood, showcasing its architectural potential and giving the viewer a sense of warmth and comfort.

The minimalistic approach extends to the interior design with wooden panels covering the walls and polished concrete floors. The furniture accents add to the neutral tone of the interior, resulting in a space that does not burden day-to-day life. As a parental home, the house is designed to provide a place for disconnection and rest. To maintain the main characteristics of the terrain and provide a connection to the land, the design incorporates a feeling of peace and quiet that visitors can experience.