area: 1630 m²project year: in progress

The winery overlooks three hectares of beautiful landscape, embracing and dominating it. This generous space will eventually allow for the storage of 40,000 wine bottles. The entrance features minimalistic hidden concrete curves, and a large area will be reserved for welcoming visitors, wine tasting, and assessments.
Located in the center of Moldova, the Winery seamlessly blends the region's long-standing wine tradition with contemporary design, in constant dialogue with the surrounding vineyards. The building reflects modern wine-making processes and brings together several distinct interconnected functions: a wine-making facility, the winery's administrative base, a visitor center, an adjoining tasting room, a 200-seat restaurant, and two terraces.
Emulating the archetypal wine cellars of the region, the vault of the winery rests on a grid of arched beams. The undulating roof, serving as an amphitheater for cultural events, is a mirror of this shape, open to both locals and visitors, merging the winery into the ground and the culture on which it rests.